jeudi 2 avril 2015


According to WHO health does not consist only in the absence of disease or infirmity but a state of complete physical well-being, mental and social.
Health as complete physical well-being depends on a state of good health of every cell that is the human body. The body is a whole where every cell, every organ, every component operates so interconnected potentiate the well being of every cell in his body would therefore amount to potentiate physical well being. Ensure the proper functioning of body cells ensures a strong immune system capable of ensuring a lasting physical health.
In the body cells die every day and new born. From 30 cell degeneration gradually takes precedence over the cellular regeneration which engages aging. Today, our environment and our unbalanced diet expose us to hypersecretion of free radicals in our body which determine premature aging and degenerative diseases as a corollary. Ensure regeneration of cells while strengthening the body's antioxidant system guarantees not only a slowing of the aging process but also a decrease in the risk of suffering from degenerative diseases. We do not think it says enough but many health problems are conditioned by the content of our plates by micronutritionelles deficiencies of our food and we need to know if the lack is not met, the only drugs remain inadequate.

What is the strength of Trevo is the asset that has to ensure the body with essential micronutrients become insufficient and rare in our daily meals. Trevo thus contribute to ensuring the restoration, renewal and revitalization of all systems of the human body.

Trevo is the dietary supplement combining more fruits and cruciferous antioxidants proven powers making Trevo a dietary supplement in power is unmatched antioxidant 405,000 ORAC units. The addition of fruits, vegetables, and plants with proven medicinal properties allows Trevo to work in depth functional maintenance of every organ in the limit of their needs while respecting nature and without side effects.

Trevo is an innovative dietary supplement, one that comes to revolutionize the world of dietary supplements by combining into one product over 174 micronutrients ingredients of natural origin and 100% vegetable by an extraordinary Technology: The Micronisation. This technology can reduce the size of large molecules which promotes their absorption and assimilation by the body. Thus all particles (fruit extracts, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids) present in Trevo have the size that will be for them once they pass into the bloodstream.

As an oral Trévo will accompany you every day through its taste creamy and unusual to ensure a state of well being and physical and mental youth.
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